Queen's Award for Enterprise

Queen’s Award for Enterprise

For Outstanding Achievements By UK Businesses

Kent has many thriving businesses and The Lord-Lieutenant encourages them to apply for The Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

This highly prestigious award has four categories:

  • Innovation
  • International Trade
  • Sustainable Development
  • Promoting opportunity through social mobility
The benefits of winning the Award

The Awards are valid for 5 years

Winners have reported benefiting from worldwide recognition, increased commercial value, greater press coverage, and a boost to staff morale

Winners are able to fly The Queen’s Award flag at their main office, and use the emblem on marketing materials

They are given a Grant of Appointment (an official certificate) and a commemorative crystal trophy

Winners are invited to a Royal reception

They will be presented with the award at their company by The Lord-Lieutenant


How To Apply

To apply for The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, your organisation must:

  • Be based in the UK (including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man)
  • File its Company Tax Returns with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

  • Be a self-contained enterprise that markets its own products and services and is under its own management
  • Have at least 2 full-time UK employees or part-time equivalents
  • Demonstrate strong corporate social responsibility

Your organisation can be a business or non-profit.

Each of the award categories has additional entry criteria which can be found at the following link:

Current Award Holders

2022 Winners

We are delighted that four businesses in Kent received The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2022. The 2022 winners are:


Proper Music logo
Proper Music Distribution Ltd

Established in 1993, in Dartford, Kent, Proper Music Distribution Ltd (PMD) is the UK’s leading physical music distributor; distributing for over 1000 independent record labels and music services companies. The company handles over 1,000,000 music titles and is renowned for its specialist knowledge as well as playing a leading role in encouraging physical music formats to thrive in the digital age; and to consider digital and physical formats as complementary to each other, with digital working as an access format and physical one of ownership. The business is spread across the world with its main markets being France, US, Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands. Over the last three years they have established Australia, Japan and Sweden as new overseas markets, which have grown steadily year on year. Overseas sales have grown by 85% and the percentage exported has risen from 17% to 23%. The company wins the Queen’s Award for International Trade for Outstanding Short Term Growth in overseas sales over the last three years.

Totally Natural logo
Totally Natural Solutions Ltd

Totally Natural Solutions Ltd started trading in August 2013 and is based in Paddock Wood, Kent. Totally Natural Solutions (TNS) is a provider of natural hop oil extracts to the brewing industry. The company has a suite of laboratories which offer hop research and development facilities. The export strategy focuses on beverage markets in USA, Europe, South-East Asia and Australia through a network of local agents and distributers. TNS products suit low- and no-alcohol markets like Indonesia and Africa, with large Muslim populations. The company demonstrated extraordinary nimbleness and innovation in response to the challenges presented by COVID to ensure continuity of supply. Overseas sales have grown by 89% over the three-year application period and the proportion of sales exported in the final year was 77%. The company wins the Queen’s Award for International Trade for Outstanding Short-Term Growth in overseas sales over the last three years.

Cook logo
COOK Trading Limited

The Cook Trading Company Limited based in Kent has been trading since 2002. It is a food preparation company that sells high quality frozen ready meals to the public. The company’s initiative, RAW Talent, provides recruitment opportunities to people with disadvantaged backgrounds and delivers training to develop hard and soft skills. RAW is an acronym for Ready and Working. More than 100 people have been recruited through the initiative since its launch in 2014. Those who fit the RAW Talent criteria are invited to the six-day “Get Ready” training and personal development programme. Completers are guaranteed a job interview, and the company offers a minimum of 12 positions a year. Since the 2020 launch of “Get Ready”, 38 people have completed the programme, and 26 people have been offered jobs.

Elvis and Kresse logo
Eako Limited, trading as Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse, registered as Eako Ltd was founded in 2005 in London. The company employs ten staff and rescues decommissioned fire-hoses, transforming them into luxury accessories such as handbags. 50% of profits are donated to The Fire Fighters Charity. In 2020 Elvis & Kresse relocated to a farm in order to establish a regenerative agriculture project. Moving to the farm, building a low carbon workshop, and continuing to take a leadership position within luxury are all part of the wider plan. It sees itself as a pioneer of sustainable luxury in the UK and is a certified Social Enterprise, a founding UK B Corp, and has consistently challenged the status quo. Elvis & Kresse is awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development because it has a crystal clear purpose, inspirational leadership, genuine innovation and the vision to make it happen.

Historical Winners

Previous Award Winners

2021 Winners
2020 Winners
2019 Winners
2018 Winners
2017 Winners
2016 Winners
2015 Winners
2014 Winners
  • Jon Tibbs Associates Ltd- Speldhurst
  • Marco Ltd – Edenbridge
  • Maviga International (Holdings) Ltd – Yalding
2012 Winners
  • P & B Metal Components Ltd – Whitstable
2011 Winners
  • AXA PPP International – Tunbridge Wells.
  • Checkmate – Sheerness
  • Lycored – Maidstone
  • Sleeve-it – Rainham
Previous Winners

What They Said


Michele Harriman-Smith, CEO of Childrensalon says, “We were delighted to have a visit from The Lord-Lieutenant of Kent who presented myself and our CCO George Harriman-Smith with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. We are very proud to be recognised with the International Trade Award and look forward to continuing to operate internationally and growing our amazing team here in Tunbridge Wells”.


Ben Ellefsen, Chairman of Maverick Drinks says, “Our vision is a world in which every single drink is as close to perfect as possible, and our exponential export sales growth over the past year is testament to one of our core values – zero compromise on liquid quality. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is the highest award that can be bestowed on a UK company, and product quality alone doesn’t explain this monumental win. This achievement is down to our supremely talented, dedicated and hard working teams, our global network of incredible and highly committed distributors and above all the discerning consumers who enjoy our brands the world over”.

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In Kent, The Queen’s Awards are led by Mr Paul Auston DL and he is assisted by Jenny Ongley in the Kent Lieutenancy Office at County Hall in Maidstone.

If you would like to speak to us about your potential nomination then please do contact us at:

03000 416 531

Alternatively, you can contact The Queen’s Award’s Office direct on the following:

020 7215 6880

If you feel ready to make an application then you can apply here:

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Good luck!