Plans to celebrate the Coronation of HM The King are underway with a weekend of events planned as follows:

Saturday 6th May

The Coronation Service will take place at Westminster Abbey.

Sunday 7th May

This is the day for the Coronation Big Lunch where communities across the country are invited to come together to celebrate this historic occasion. Street parties, afternoon teas and any other type of celebration will be a perfect way to join your neighbours in celebration. This is being overseen by the The Big Lunch team at the Eden Project and downloadable resources are available.

A special Coronation Concert will be held at Windsor Castle which will be broadcast live by the BBC. There will be a public ballot by the BBC where members of the public will have the opportunity to apply for the chance to attend the Concert.

Monday 8th May

The Big Help Out will take place on Monday 8th May where people are encouraged to take part in volunteering activities and public service to support their local communities.

More information on this very special weekend can be found at The Royal Family website.