Deputy Lieutenants Mr Bill Fawcus, Dr Bhargawa Vasudaven and Mrs Rosemary Dymond enjoying an excellent guided tour by very informative HMS Kent crew. (c) Trevor Sturgess DL

The ship’s company of HMS Kent, the Type 23 Frigate with close affiliations to the county, gave guests a warm welcome during her visit to Dover in March 2019.

Eight Deputy Lieutenants of Kent joined Mayors from the Cinque Ports and representatives of Kent County Council, Canterbury Cathedral, the Association of Men of Kent & Kentish Men and Fair Maids, and Royal British Legion Industries.

Bill Fawcus, the Lieutenancy’s Deputy Lieutenant with special responsibility for Dover (its ‘Link’ DL) was accompanied by Michael Bax, The Lord Colgrain, The Lady Colgrain, Rosemary Dymond, Colonel James Partridge, Trevor Sturgess and Dr Bhargawa Vasudaven.

HMS Kent in dock at Dover. (c) Trevor Sturgess DL

Commanding Officer Andy Brown MBE welcomed more than 50 guests, explaining the ship’s role and recent history. His colleagues, including many young members of the company, led guided tours of HMS Kent, the 12th Royal Navy vessel to bear that name since the 1600s.

The ship recently completed a major maintenance period in HM Naval Base Devonport. This has seen a significant increase in the ship’s fighting capability, including fitting the new Sea Ceptor Missile System.

The Kent County Invicta symbol proudly sported by HMS Kent. (c) Trevor Sturgess DL

Viscount De L’Isle, the Lord-Lieutenant of Kent, said: “I was sorry that on this occasion I was unable to visit HMS Kent myself but glad that eight Deputy Lieutenants were invited to tour this fine ship that helps protect our country and county. I’m delighted that HMS Kent, a ship that proudly bears the county’s Invicta symbol, does so much good work with Kent organisations.

“We are always pleased to welcome her and her ship’s company to Kent and wish her Godspeed in her future role.”