Swanley Tree Planting ceremony

Those pictured at the Swanley Tree Planting ceremony include local councillors alongside the Chairman of Swanley Town Council, Cllr Tony Searles, Michael Fallon MP for Sevenoaks and Col (Retd) Godfrey Linnett DL, who has a tree in the avenue dedicated to him. They are accompanied by members from the 2nd Swanley Brownies Group, who have undertaken voluntary work in Swanley Park.


 Swanley Park

This picture shows completion of phase one of the tree planting in Swanley Park which will be named The Diamond Jubilee Avenue.

Thanks to funding from the Big Tree Plant project, Swanley Town Council will be planting 100 parkland trees to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Swanley Park, 54 of which were planted in late autumn 2011 and the remaining 46 will be planted in autumn 2012,and these will form The Diamond Jubilee Avenue. The Town Council invited local residents, community groups and businesses to “Sponsor a tree for the Jubilee” and the response has been overwhelming with 96 of the 100 trees already being reserved. The new avenue already looks magnificent without a leaf on any of the trees and the Council is looking forward to the Spring to see them green up.