Dr Bhargawa Vasudaven DL with Mr James Barnor.©Dr Bhargawa Vasudaven DL

Dr Bhargawa Vasudaven DL with Mr James Barnor. © Dr Bhargawa Vasudaven DL


The Medway Ghanaian Association (MGA) was founded in 2011 as a  non-profit making, non-religious, dedicated, community- based voluntary association. It was set up to inform, educate and entertain Ghanaians, Ghanaian descendants and British citizens with Ghanaian heritage, living in Medway and its surrounding towns.

On 8th March Dr  Bhargawa Vasudaven DL attended the 57th Ghanaian Independence Day celebrations at the Sunlight Centre in Gillingham on behalf of the Lord Lieutenant. He experienced  a cohesive community group embracing all African nationals and supporting each other, with good values and within a solid family atmosphere.

A variety of Community leaders spoke and showed their appreciation and support to the MGA. There was  a genuine sense of their belonging to their group, and their open-hearted hospitality was appreciated by all.

Dr Vasudaven spoke at the event stating:

‘Like some of you, I too came to this country as an immigrant 33 years ago, to study, and to work. We are very proud in the UK to have a diverse multicultural society. As it is important to remember one’s roots, it is also important to look forward to being part of an integrated society.  Volunteering and Community service have always been the core elements of British Society. It helps us also to understand diverse issues, and contribute to the bigger picture of our society’s needs.’

‘I commend the  Medway Ghanaians for  your talents, skills and the contributions  you have made – working  together, being creative, learning from each other, looking after each other, and enjoying  the arts and leisure activities, contributing to our local community. ’

Many helping hands to cut the celebratory cake! ©Medway Ghanaian Association

Many helping hands to cut the celebratory cake!     © Medway Ghanaian Association

Dr Vasudaven was invited to cut the cake with his wife Sharon, and he asked some of the children to help him as can be seen in the photo opposite. The ladies in the background were some of the prime organisers of the event.

Mr James Barnor a professional artist/photographer who it is understood exhibited his photos at the Tate Gallery last year, and who was at the Ghanaian Independence Day 57 years ago, was also present at the event.  He was the first Ghanaian to graduate from Medway in 1961. He now lives in London and had come specially to  grace the occasion.

For more information please visit the Medway Ghanaian Association website www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/diaspora/artikel.php?ID=304528