The early part of this year has been a busy and successful one for Kent. By reading the latest news stories on the website you will see many events have taken place across the county. The Lieutenancy has been particularly busy in the last few months in preparing for, and helping to coordinate events linked to the passage of the New Waterloo Dispatch through Kent.

As I explained to the congregation at the Civic Service in Rochester Cathedral on 11th March, our county is inextricably linked to the coming of Christianity to these shores and across the Commonwealth, as well as to the introduction of Roman law that led through the Textus Roffensis, to Magna Carta, which has just passed it 800th anniversary. It astonishing Kent should have or have had so many copies within its boundaries. Another milestone will be passed in October when the Textus Roffensis and the Faversham Magna Carta will be displayed side by side in Rochester Cathedral crypt for an exhibition.

I congratulate Visit Kent and all those in Kent involved in the leisure industry, on winning the Lonely Planet Tourism Award. This is another step along the way in promoting our knowledge-based economy.